About Me

Let me start by bringing out the meaning of ‘LuftRatnam’. Its a combination of the German word Luft for Air & the Sanskrit word Ratnam for Jewel.

Now, about me… I am a person rather a fanatic to be precise with a great zeal for aviation and jewellery. I usually describe myself as an amalgamation of both these worlds. The world of Aviation resides in my heart and the Jewellery business flows through my blood.

Yes, you read that right – blood and heart… I come from a family of Jewellers and we go by the name ‘Kabras’ Jewels’. However, my keen inclination towards planes, rockets and the glamorous aviation industry, made me take up my education into it…

I bring forward to you a bloggish potpourri of  my views, my research and reads about the Aviation Era and the richness of jewellery to be adorned on.

Hope you all have a great time reading… and if you like what I write, do follow & do leave a comment. Critics are appreciated…

Happy Reading!!!

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